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Windows Vista の RSS パーサは Well-formed XML のみサポート

Dare Obasanjo の blog で知ったんですが、 Microsoft Team RSS Blog より

Our years of experience in with HTML in Internet Explorer have taught us the long-term pain that results from being too liberal with what you accept from others. Hence, we’ve adopted the following overriding principle for IE 7 and RSS platform in Windows Vista: 

 We will only support feeds that are well-formed XML.

This principle allows us to build a more predictable feed parser. As a platform, it's important that applications using the platform to consume feeds can rely on the fact that the platform will always be providing information in the way that the publisher intended (trying to guess what a publisher meant to do when there is an error in a feed can be tricky, at best). We also spoke to several people in the RSS and developer community at Gnomedex and at PDC, and they wholeheartedly supported this.

IE7 と Windows Vista の RSS パーサは整形式(well-formed)の XML だけをサポートすると。 現在世の中で流通している RSS フィードがどれくらい well-formed なのか知らないのですが、 英断だと思います。

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